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All kinds of surgical operations are usually accompanied by acute severe pain about 3 days after the operation. Nociceptive pain is the most common clinical acute pain and the most urgently needed treatment. The product CPL-01 can achieve long-term analgesia during the perioperative period and has the following characteristics:

  1. With good safety:

    Using the company's independent research and development of the patented technology of the PG-Depot sustained-release platform, using only the safe excipients of FDA GRAS, directly infiltrate into the soft tissue of the surgical wound. There were no systemic adverse reactions, and the surgical wound heal normally.
  2. Long-acting and powerful analgesia:

    Before the wound is sutured, it is directly infiltrated into the wound. The PG-Depot sustained-release technology steadily controls the release of the drug in the wound. The analgesic effect has been maintained for about 3 days from the administration, helping the patient through the acute postoperative pain period.
  3. Reducing the use of opioids:

    Local administration replaces and reduces the use of opioids, no addiction, no systemic side effects, patients can be discharged as soon as possible after surgery, saving hospitalization costs.
  4. Easy to use, saving costs and reducing risks:

    There is no need to use a pump or PCA, and the surgeon directly infiltrates and applies the wound when the wound is closed. The CPL-01 drug is slowly released in the wound within 3 days.

The product CPL-05 can be used for anti-inflammatory and analgesic during the perioperative period of surgery, and has the following characteristics:

  1. With good safety:

    Increase local concentration, enhance local anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, reduce systemic side effects, and reduce the use of opioids.
  2. With long-term effect:

    The drug is slowly released in the wound, and achieve long-acting analgesia for the patient for 1-7 days.
  3. Realizing multi-modal analgesia:

    CPL-05 can be used in conjunction with product CPL-01.

The product CPL-07 can be used to induce and maintain general anesthesia, and has the following characteristics:

  1. With fast onset:

    CPL-07 can provide ideal sedation and anesthesia, with good onset speed and anesthetic effect.
  2. With good safety:

    CPL-07 has no cardiovascular inhibitory effect, and has a wider applicability.
  3. With short half-life:

    There is no accumulation in the body, and it can be quickly cleared by the liver.




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Ropivacaine sustained-
release formulation
Long-acting analgesia
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Meloxicam sustained-
release formulation
Analgesic and anti-inflammatory
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intravenous injection
Anesthesia and sedation
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